I adore photographing children but when it comes to photographing families, I often find myself hesitating.  It can be difficult to photograph one child alone – adding parents and then perhaps some siblings in the mix, makes it exceedingly difficult. Trying to get four or more people to look in the camera, show connection and look somewhat natural – ALL AT ONCE – is not easy. I tend to focus on pure children’s portraiture rather than family photography.  However, if a parent is available and somewhat willing at the photo session, I do try and put them all together for at least one shot.  Even when a client asks for a family portrait session, I let them know that it will be child-centric.  At this point, I don’t even advertise family portrait sessions.  People do ask me for them though and because I usually know the people doing the asking, I generally say yes.

Devon and Steve were one of my first wedding clients (www.ChristineAshburnWeddings.com). They married locally almost four years ago. They were actually one of the very first clients that I remember remarking to myself, “Hey, I could be friends with these two”.   Devon and I did share a meal after her wedding but then life just got busy.  When she recently called to ask me to photograph her growing family, I could not say no.  Devon and Steve got pregnant with Rubi shortly after they married and they are now expecting their second child! The setting sun, the green fauna, and Rubi’s hair were an amazing combination.  Rubi is a typical active toddler.  I quickly realized that she was not going to stay still for a more quieter photo, so what else was I to do but let her run.  By the end of the shoot, I wondered if I even accomplished one decent shot.  Turns out, I adore so many of the photos and family photography is getting easier for me,  I am so happy to provide these photos for this wonderful family and honored to be a part of it once again.

Hudson Valley Family Photographer