I love it when Cold Spring Airbnb guests ring me some family photography. Some Hudson Valley Airbnb guests are traveling to the area to escape NYC for a bit and others are using a Hudson Valley Airbnb as the base for their family reunion or event. Either way, a vistit to a Hudson Valley Airbnb is a great opportunity to photograph the gathering of family and take advantage of the local scenery. The photos in this blog are the former.

With airbnb photos sessions, I generally use the inside and outside of the Airbnb as a backdrop while keeping an eye on some nice natural  light. However, having lived in the Hudson Valley for the past twenty-one years I can most certainly suggest some sweet other Hudson Valley locations too.

For this Cold Spring Airbnb Family Photography session, I photographed the kids indoors utilizing some found window light.  Window light is my favorite but works best with just one subject or perhaps two. For the family photos we simply went into the backyard.

This family coordinated clothing amazingly well for their Cold Spring Airbnb photo session. I am not into matchy, matchy outfits for any photo session.  I just ask my clients to show up in what they are most comfortable in. Being comfortable is most important! I do suggest that you match each other in tone – color tone and style tone, but it is not a requirement.  Though it would look funny if someone showed up in an evening gown and another in jeans. This family, however, killed it!