I have been doing portraits of these two Hudson Valley Children in this same location every year since they could sit up and I first became a photographer. 

The eldest girl is my Godchild. She is also my muse. Photographing her year after year has pushed me more and more into photographing children.  Prior to this year’s session, she was very shy – but not just with me. Actually, given her shyness, I was always grateful that she even let me photograph her.  But she did. I relished that she was not showing up with a big fake smile for the camera.  To me always conveyed so much more without smiling. From the beginning, it was always apparent to me that she was an “old soul”. Her thoughts don’t tend toward the superficial. She is also a wonderful mix of sensitivity and practicality. Much like her mom!  My Godchild, like my three daughters, loves art and science. Her bedroom is the perfect magical combination of them. Oooo, I should photograph her there. 

My Godchild’s sister, on the other hand, has not seemed to stop smiling since I met her. She is an entertainer. This was the first year that she stood in one place long enough for me to get more than three clean photos of her.  Not only did I get loads of photos of her face in various forms of expression but her butt as well. Yep, she alternated between her face and her bottom in front of the camera. We all know who she reminds us of 🙂  Both are wonderful in their own way and I love to capture who they naturally are. Praise to their parents for growing two lovely and unique creatures.

This same spot where I photograph them every year is at top of a long and somewhat steep staircase in their Grandparents Hudson Valley home. I initially choose this location because of the simple wall adjacent to a window.  I love me some window light. It is a very tight space that limits my lens choice and my ability to get a clean shot but it works and I like the consistency year after year. The other thing that changes in the location is the intensity of the window light.  On brighter days, I put up a white sheet to diffuse the window light. Here is a pullback from the location.

Children Photographer in the Hudson Valley

I look forward to photographing these two every year documenting their growth in front of the camera and also mine behind it, as a children’s portrait photographer in the Hudson Valley. 

Children Photography Hudson Valley
Children Photography Hudson Valley